We'll do this together. Step by step.

We love to provide assistance and translate the technical jargon into language that makes sense. We guide you through every step and answer all your questions. We provide frequent project updates so you are never in the dark.

Step 0: Details & Scope
We meet, face-to-face, Zoom, or FaceTime to learn about your business, your goals for your new website, and what you like (or dislike) about your current site. We chat about your aesthetic preferences, favorite color schemes, styles, and websites. We build a high-level feature list. We answer your questions.
Step 1: Research
We study your target audience, competitors and partners. We identify other creative professionals that might be needed (writers, photographers, branding, etc.).
Step 2: Contract
We complete our statement of work to include the details of your project. We outline the features, technology, scoping, and deliverables. We list development timeline and payment schedule. We are here to explain the details, answer any questions you may have, and make adjustments and modifications.
Step 3: Design Details
We get to work! We create sketches, prototypes, wireframes, sitemaps, and other design samples for various devices. We spend time on the human interface aspect of the design. We review, iterate, and refine the design with you.
Step 4: What You See
We implement your website's user interface and human interaction model. This is the first time you see how your website looks, and are able to step through the flow. Exciting! We keep you as involved as you wish to be. Your feedback helps refine the site, and we hope you provide plenty.
Step 5: What You Don't See
We start tackling the back-end: databases, servers, data-driven aspects of the website, including any customer interaction functionality. We connect analytics, implement our SEO strategy, and your administrator’s tools and pages. We ask for your review and feedback.
Step 6: Testing, Data Migration, Training
In addition to human testing, we generate automated tests to systematically test every page, link, and functionality of your new website. We migrate exiting databases and archives, train your staff and partners, distribute documentation, and launch the beta site. Together with you, we review the content, assets, and functionality flow. We perform any last minute tweaks and tuning in advance of launch.
Step 7: Deployment
We deploy and celebrate with the beverage of your choice! We stand by for any launch-day issues. Moving forward, we are there to assist with any added features, modifications, or expansions.

Love your website — that’s our goal